Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clinic construction, Sex-Ed Classes etc.

So to give you all an idea of what´s up lately:
I´ve been going to the school everyday, meeting with the teachers and teaching things like sex-ed and physiology to the kids.
We went running the other day!
I made ceviche! (Raw fish with lots of lemon juice, onions and aji!)
I did a backflip off the diving board today!
I made up a song called: Run while you can! Her Mom looks like a Man!- it will come out on the solo project of the lead singer from Goodnight Molly! (the critically acclaimed, international sensation, rockinest band in the world!)

Love you guys. Peru is great. I am excited about the time passing because that means I´m that much closer to seeing my converts, but I´m also really happy working here. We will start some more public health projects next month, dealing with cervical cancer, prostate cancer and cardiac risks. The new clinic just had groundbreaking last week and things are coming along nicely. Dr. Vasquez, the one in charge of everything here, just got into town and he has a great vision of what can be done here in this town.


  1. Ah, dear Caleb. Always using his powers for awesome.

  2. That donkey saddle looks brutal... Must see video of how people can walk after using that mode of transportation...