Monday, May 10, 2010


I was supposed to bring sheets with me.
As I was leaving my house I looked in the closet and found something that looked like a sheet.
I pulled it out of my bag last night and found out it was only half a sheet.
So last night I slept with a piece of sheet. :)

Yesterday was our first full day in Yantalo. We found out this morning what we will actually be doing, working at the hospital admitting patients, teaching english and physiology in the school. I´m stoked. I feel so glad that we´re going to be doing something useful and that we´ll get to work with a lot of kids.

I gotta split. Peace homies! Hasta luego!


  1. What's the climate like? Insects? other critters?

  2. Lots of bugs. We spend most nights hanging out in our rooms watching all the bugs that fly into our rooms. Quality entertainment!
    As far as climate, it´s HOT and humid, but mostly hot and humid.